Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Spring runoff damages roads across Sulphur Ranger District

With late snows and a large spring runoff, some U.S. Forest Service roads on the Sulphur Ranger District have experienced significant damage. The 442,000-acre district is located near Granby in Grand County, along the southwest corner of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The district’s travel management team works diligently each spring to convert as many roads as possible to summer use by June 15. Gates that are closed in the winter to protect resources and allow for snowmobile activity are swung open to allow motor vehicle traffic.

This year, the crew is running into sinkholes large enough to trap a car, landslides, slumps and culvert blow outs. A closed gate likely means the damage is impassable by standard vehicles. The district is working closely with the county to prioritize and complete repairs with limited funding. In other areas, roads are open and hazards are marked. Proceed with caution around these hazards.

The status of roads is frequently changing. The best way to get the most current status is to call Visitor Information at 970-887-4100 or check the district’s road status page.


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