Thursday, April 7, 2016

Iceberg Lake

Below is another outstanding video from "The West is Big! Travel Guides". This short video highlights the popular hike to Iceberg Lake, one of the best hikes in Glacier National Park, if not the entire national park system. The hike features stunning alpine scenery, up-close views of the Ptarmigan Wall, wildlife, wildflowers and of course, the alpine lake that typically features floating icebergs.

In this video the videographer is forced to temporarily retreat due to a family of grizzly bears on the trail. This is fairly typical, as I have seen at least one bear on this route every time that I've hiked it. Because the trail passes through prime grizzly habitat, most visitors choose to take a ranger-led hike. Hiking in groups is the safest mode of travel in grizzly country. Most human-bear encounters occur with solo hikers who don't make enough noise to warn bears that they're passing through. As a result, the park recommends hiking with at least two other people - groups of four is even better. Although you might balk at the idea of doing a ranger-led hike, I've had nothing but great experiences with the ranger-led hikes in Glacier. For more information on this outstanding hike, please click here.

With more than 740 miles of trails meandering throughout the park, hiking is the absolute best way to see Glacier National Park. In addition to the Iceberg Lake Trail, the park offers many other outstanding hikes. If you do plan to visit Glacier this year, please note that our hiking website also offers a wide variety of accommodation listings and other things to do to help with all your vacation planning.


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