Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Colorado Agencies Team Up for ‘Fresh Air Friday’ on Nov. 27th

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office are teaming up to offer access to all 42 Colorado state parks with ‘Fresh Air Friday,’ to encourage one-and-all to enjoy the outdoors on Friday, Nov. 27, 2015.

Fresh Air Friday means Colorado residents and visitors can spend the day at a state park while GOCO picks up the tab. Amazing recreation opportunities at state parks include miles of trails, scenic views, wildlife viewing and angling among others, and is a great option to the world-class shopping across the state.

“GOCO is covering the cost of access for vehicles that enter our parks. It is a wonderful gesture and demonstrates our shared vision and goals,” said CPW Director, Bob Broscheid. “The last Friday of the month, commonly known as ‘Black Friday’ has a new designation this year in Colorado.”

Colorado joins Arizona, California, Kansas and Minnesota and other states, as well as a number of outdoor recreation retailers and other businesses across the country, in encouraging people to get outdoors following the Thanksgiving holiday.

Outdoor retailer REI started the trend of encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors on the day after Thanksgiving when it decided to close its doors for Black Friday.

CPW offers family-friendly activities, fun-filled adventures and opportunities to learn and try new things at state parks. Check out all there is to do here. You can also find a park near you with the CPW Park Finder.


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