Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some Flood-damaged areas on Canyon Lakes Ranger District Reopen

Some areas of the Canyon Lakes Ranger District impacted by the September 2013 Flood have re-opened as repairs have been completed.

Storm Mountain and Cedar Park Roads are now open, along with the Crosier Mountain Trail system. These are all located west of Loveland. It is important to note these areas and others damaged by the flood may not be the in the same condition as they were pre-flood. The Storm Mountain roads had to be improved more than they are historically maintained in order to accommodate the heavy equipment needed to make repairs.

The Forest continues to focus on many flood recovery efforts; however, additional rains this summer have delayed some repair work. Crews are actively working on additional road and trail repairs. As these repairs are completed more areas are anticipated to open before the field season is halted by snow.

For additional information about flood closures and recovery efforts, check the FS website.


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