Thursday, July 10, 2014 Adds 13 New Hikes to Website continues to expand! My wife and I just returned from another hiking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, and as a result, have added 13 new hikes to our website. Hopefully you'll find that this expansion will make your hike and trip planning a little easier. During our week-and-a-half trip we visited several RMNP favorites, such as Deer Mountain and Gem Lake. We also visited a few "off the beaten path" destinations as well, such as Thunder Lake and Pear Lake in the Wild Basin area.

Here's a rundown on what's been added to our site:

Alpine Ridge Trail: A great way to get a taste of the high mountain tundra during your visit to the Alpine Visitor Center.

Bierstadt Lake: We've hiked to this wonderful lake from other trailheads, but this was our first time from the Bear Lake Trailhead.

Cascade Falls: One of the most voluminous waterfalls you'll find in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Deer Mountain: The first time we did this hike it was rainy and foggy, so we didn't get to truly appreciate the awesome views from much of this trail.

Estes Cone (via Lily Lake) / Estes Cone (via Longs Peak): This was one tough hike - but well worth it. The views are outstanding - especially of Longs Peak!

Eugenia Mine: A look at a time in Rocky before it became a national park.

Finch Lake: A relatively easy hike into the heart of Wild Basin.

Gem Lake: I knew about the lake, but the awesome views along the way truly makes this a "gem" of a hike.

Lily Mountain: As great as Estes Cone was, I think I liked Lily Mountain even more. The views were as good, if not better, but the hike itself was a little easier.

Lumpy Ridge Loop: Wow! The views of and from the MacGregor Ranch were simply outstanding. Do this one in the early morning!

Pear Lake: Beautiful lake hike. Lots of wildlife on this one as well, including a couple of moose near the trailhead.

Thunder Lake: This is another beautiful lake tucked into the heart of Wild Basin. We ran into quite a bit of snow near the top, which made travel a little challenging at times.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on these new hikes. Feedback - good or constructive - is always welcome! 


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