Saturday, October 19, 2013

National Parks Epic Challenge: Jimmy Chin on Grand Teton

The National Park Foundation is publishing a series of excellent videos they call the "National Parks Epic Challenge".

In this video, world-class climber, skier, and mountaineer Jimmy Chin scales Grand Teton and then skis down, showing why he is one of the most skilled and fearless adventurers on the planet. Jimmy has circled the globe as an elite athlete, explorer, photographer and filmmaker, but his home is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, near the stunningly beautiful Grand Teton National Park. The majestic Teton Range is ideal for rock climbers and ski mountaineers, and the park protects a diverse array of wildlife, including herds of buffalo and elk. Jimmy talks about visiting the National Parks as a child, and how he felt when he first saw the Tetons at age 18. He is one of the few people in the world to have climbed and skied Mount Everest from the summit.

Jimmy Chin in Grand Teton: National Parks Epic Challenge from National Park Foundation on Vimeo.


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