Sunday, August 25, 2013

Young Gulch Trail Volunteer Day

As part of the continuing effort to restore forest trails following the High Park Fire, the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV) are coordinating a volunteer day for the Young Gulch Trail in the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests on September 7th.

Volunteers of all skill levels can participate, but must be at least 18 years old. Work will include moving rocks to create water dams, stabilizing stream crossings, building a retaining wall, weed management and moving down trees to help with soil conservation – restoration that will help stabilize the trail and limit erosion. Forest Service crews have done some work along the trail to make it safer for volunteers, including cutting hazardous trees along the route.

Up to 100 people could participate in this event. Volunteers are asked to carpool due to the limited parking at the trailhead. Volunteers need to wear long sleeved shirts and pants (no shorts), gloves, and work boots. Hard hats and tools will be provided. Be sure to bring lunch and water.

To register, or for additional information, please click here.

Please note that an area closure is still in place for much of the High Park Fire burn area. This is due to both safety concerns from flash floods and restoration efforts. For more information about recreation opportunities on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, please call visitor information at 970-295-6700 or check the web at


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