Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Cub Lake Trailhead Access Proposal

This information is a little late, but is late as a result of the news not being announced, for whatever reason, on the Rocky Mountain National Park website, or in a press release.

The park is proposing to change access to the small Cub Lake Trailhead located on the south side of Moraine Park. This should not be confused with the main Cub Lake Trailhead on Fern Lake Road. Rather, this proposal is concerned with access to the South Lateral Moraine Trail. The proposal is to convert the last quarter-mile of the road into a trail, and to provide a new six space parking area further east. The road will remain open to the small pump house structure located on the north side of the road.

Below is a map of the effected area. You can click here for a larger version.

The park is proposing the changes because a significant amount of tree removal is required along the last quarter-mile of road if it is to remain open to vehicles. Numerous "hazard" trees line both sides of the road and threaten to block the road if they fall. Tree removal to preserve the road would alter the character of the area. If the road reverts to a trail, trees would be managed in the same manner as along other trails in the park.

The proposed parking area would be located on the north side of the access road. It would have a gravel surface and would accommodate up to six vehicles.

Unfortunately the comment period for the proposed changes ended in January. A decision on whether to proceed with this project will be made sometime this month. If you have questions about the proposal you can contact Larry Gamble, Chief of Planning for the park, at (970) 586-1320.


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