Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scouts Donate Cookie Sale Profits to Rocky Mountain SAR Team

Each year, Loveland Girl Scout Brownie Troop 74394 chooses a local hero to receive donated boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This year, the troop chose Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue as their 2014 Hometown Heroes. Eighty-nine boxes of cookies were donated by citizens.

On April 3rd, Troop 74394 showed their special appreciation to all of the personnel at Rocky Mountain National Park involved with search and rescue efforts by providing a delicious spaghetti luncheon to say thank you.

The troop also sold over 2,200 boxes of cookies this year and donated 20% of its profits to Rocky Mountain National Park Search and Rescue. During the luncheon, they presented a plaque honoring park search and rescue personnel for all of their dedicated service.

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