Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Show Your Support for Rocky Mountain National Park with a new License Plate

Colorado residents can now show their support for the creation of a brand new Rocky Mountain National Park Group Special License Plate. The Rocky Mountain Nature Association (RMNA) is collecting signatures on a petition that will bring the bill for this special plate honoring Rocky Mountain National Park to the Colorado legislature in January 2014.

The unique plate design features a magnificent bull elk under a starry sky with alpine tundra flowers and reads, “Rocky Mountain National Park”.

The Rocky Mountain Nature Association, in partnership with Rocky Mountain National Park, will introduce this special license plate that will be available to Colorado registered vehicle owners. The plate will be available by 2015 to coincide with Rocky Mountain National Park’s Centennial celebration. It will remain available as long as 3000 plates are purchased each year.

Proceeds generated by the project will directly support Rocky Mountain National Park.

First, RMNA needs 3000 Colorado registered vehicle owner signatures in support of this initiative in order to bring a bill to a vote in the Colorado state legislature in January 2014. Signatures will also be considered as a pledge to purchase a plate (if the bill is approved by the Colorado state legislature). Once approved, a minimum of 3000 plate sets will need to be requested annually or the plate will be retired.

For information and to sign the petition, please click here.



Anonymous said...

Any update on the status of these plates? I was recently at a DMV (March 2015) and they had no information on these plates at all.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

According to the RMC, they're still waiting approval: http://rmconservancy.org/donate/support-work/